Why I’m Vegan 🥑



Hi there, Harsh here,

Whenever I go out with my friends, it’s always been a discussion of why I’m vegan. They suggested I try non-veganism. But I never told them or anyone to become vegan. I say it’s everyone’s choice. It’s how they build. They should follow their culture if they want.

But as you are talking to me, I’m not saying veganism is the best practice, but my simple meaning is that the vegetarian diet has some advantages and disadvantages, the same as the non-vegetarian diet. Both have their points. However, my family background does not allow me to build a meat diet. I can not digest any non-vegan diet, as my body has been built like this, for years. As I know from my grandparents was vegetarian, and it depends on that my whole family’s body structure will take time to digest any meat diet. That’s the reason I’m Vegan. This is not only one if I want to convert my diet, but I can also easily do that, by starting with a small portion of meat every day to the whole meal. But one more reason make me not to do that.

Take a break, not an advertisement, but just saying lot of people have this question even me, Is meat is bad for our health? After long hours of research videos, I got a point that it is. Most probably if you’re a meat eater, you would say “It’s just your point, many researchers prove that meat has significant good impact on the human body.”, yes it is. Let’s start with history. Around 2 million years ago, our vegetarian ancestors tried meat for the first time, not because animals taste good, but because it was pure necessity. Climate change makes many of the plants less available that our ancestors relied on. And meat bridges that gap. After the invention of the fire, meat became a stable diet. As per the reports, meat causes heart disease, certain cancers, and early death. But the other side, maat provides a good source of protein and other essential nutrients that our body requires. Well, even in a vegetarian diet you can find that too, but can can take time and too much energy to digest. Please watch this video to learn about whether meat is healthy or not.

Although It’s not my point to say why I’m not eating non-vegan, my second point is animals, well, you can say I’m an animal lover and so on. Yes, it is but not only for animal lovers, today, meat is came from factories, where it’s became so much unhygenic and come with lots of bad chemicals. Even when you eat from Mcdonald’s, or any other fast food chains, it is so much unhygenic. The factories give chemicals to animals because of make them older quickly, get more eggs, make them fat, and several reasons, that is very bad for human body. You can also say the same thing for vegeterian foods, but in compare to meat, and chicken it is very less harmful and very less in quantity they use.

At the last, I can find the essentials vitamins from plant based diets, so not thinking to go in meat right now!