Hi there, Harsh here,

If you’ve stumbled upon my blogs, you’ve likely noticed my unwavering fixation on particular topics. Yes, I confess, I am deeply passionate. This passion stems from a myriad of life experiences that have led me to a profound understanding: none of the prevailing socio-economic systems – be it capitalist, communist, or socialist – are without their flaws. It’s a realization I arrived at in my 23rd year, a time when the complexities of the world began to truly reveal themselves. In acknowledging this, I’ve come to believe that while we aren’t obligated to care for everyone, we should, at the very least, contemplate the well-being of others.

Residing in the picturesque landscapes of Canada, I lead a dual life. By day, I immerse myself in the intricacies of full-time work, while the evenings are dedicated to penning down my thoughts and nurturing my brainchild, Numletive. Though it remains in its infancy and no products have been launched as of yet, the journey is rife with learning opportunities and growth. Admittedly, amidst the myriad of challenges, financial constraints pose a significant hurdle, yet they also serve as a driving force to innovate and persevere.

Turning to this website stands as a digital sanctuary where you can explore an array of topics spanning from the mundane to the profound. From everyday musings to pressing societal issues, I endeavor to provide a platform where perspectives can be shared and insights gleaned. Additionally, you’ll find the culmination of my research efforts, meticulously curated to augment the depth and richness of my posts. Nature, with its boundless beauty, also finds its place here, captured through the lens of my camera.

It’s important to note that this platform operates free of subscriptions and advertisements. It’s a conscious choice to maintain an environment where ideas can flow freely, unencumbered by commercial interests. Furthermore, my research is offered with an open-door policy; feel free to utilize it without fear of copyright infringement. Should you choose to give credit, know that your gesture will be met with heartfelt appreciation.

Thank you for gracing this digital realm with your presence. Together, let us embark on a journey of exploration, reflection, and perhaps even transformation.